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 Do you need purlins in a hurry ? we can get you them next day!  we have massive capacity to fill - see below

as per our last news update regarding the delivery of a new computerized automatic z purlin machine, we are pleased
to announce we now have the machinery fully installed and operational, the quality of the z section is excellent
and change over between purlin sizes is in seconds saving us down time so reducing our costs that we can reflect
in the cost of our purlins, we now have a even greater capacity to manufacture zed purlins they can be of any size
between 70mm - 350mm with a variable top and bottom flange , the thickness can be anywhere from 1.2mm through
3.2mm, our standard punching is 14mm round holes and slots though we can offer various other size bolt holes upon
request, notching and bespoke cutting service also available

We use galvanised steel coil with a guaranteed yield
strength of 450N/mm�, this quality grade steel helps in reducing the weight of the rolled sections whilst
increasing the overall strength we guarantee!!! to beat any like for like zed purlin quotation, please ring or
email for details, we specialise in the manufacture of galvanised steel zed purlins, cladding rails, cee purlins,
cleader angles and eaves beams etc our delivery service is throughout the UK and we have a urgent - same/next
day delivery service if required we will guarantee to beat any genuine like for like galvanized steel zed purlin,
c section, eaves beam prices.please phone 0191 2672900 or visit our roofing and cladding site below

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If you are erecting a steel framed building or if you are refurbishing an existing building, Industrial cladding systems can help you in many ways, from selecting the correct galvanised steel zed purlins or zed rails to the roofing and cladding materials,to helping with a brief design with colour choice and material applications. Our 30 years experience in the industry will be of use to the builder,contractor or architect alike and since we manufacture most of the materials that you will need you can call at our factory and inspect the goods you may use.The structural steel sections we offer are : galvinised Zed purlins, Cee section purlins, Eaves beams of different sizes and steel gauge. Sagbars, Zed purlin struts and tie wires for zed purlins,zed rails and cladding rails
The roofing materials we offer are :corrugated steel Roofing sheets, steel boxprofile Roofing sheets,cladding sheets, soffit sheets,roof liner panels,roofing flashings, industrial galvanised gutters etc we can also advise you if you need any help with the design or erection of the building

zed purlins for steel frame buildings and construction zed purlins  zed-purlins zed section rails zed section rails cladding rails zed section rails zed section rails zed-sections zed section rails steel purlins zed sections
with the addition of a new fully automatic rollforming machine for the manufacture of zed purlins we are now able to make infinite sizes between 70mm and 350mm,
this will be used to increase our range of purlin sizes and speed up our production. the information on our purlins below will not be changed as we intend to stay with our original 5no different sized standard purlins

Steel Zed Purlins

zed purlins, z purlins, zed rails etc there all the same product they are cold rolled structural steel sections widely used on steel portal frames, roofing and cladding support systems,
though there are a number of different shaped steel sections the typical zed is the most versatile, it can be used in a multitude of construction configurations and details,
steel zed purlins have excellent structural strength properties for their weight, There around 30-40% stronger than the standard hot rolled steel angle that are used in similar
construction conditions. We currently manufacture our zed purlins from high tensile z39 steel coil hot dipped galvanized to BS EN 10326:2004 Fe E390G-Z275, we
intend to increase the tensile strength to in the coming months to z45 making our zed purlins even stronger,
Our galvanised steel zed purlins are manufactured on the latest computerized rollforming machines which have automatic punching, notching and cutting of the zed purlins.they can
be ink marked to identify each zed purlin for the easy site assembly, we have five standard zed purlin sizes to choose from (W= web size in mm - on the sketch below)
152mm, 177mm, 203mm, 228mm, 254mm all have the same size top and bottom flange (h1 & h2)but the lips may vary. Our zed purlins are symmetrical so can be used
upside down, back to front etc this makes it easier when ordering punched purlins

steel Z purlins for roofing and cladding applications, used as a secondary support system

To compliment the above zed purlins we also manufacture cee purlins, eaves beams and all associated accessories we have a weekly delivery service through out the UK and can
upon arrangement manufacture and deliver next day, please phone for details

About Us

We are a family run business based in north east of England, our factory address is
Riverdale way,
Newburn-haugh industrial estate,
Tyne & Wear, ne15 8sf
Tel: 01912672900,
Fax: 0191 2672922,
We started out in the industrial roofing & steel erecting business nearly 30 years ago first working on local roofing contracts then roofing contracts across the whole uk, a major part of our work was with major builders and local authorities who insisted on strict programs and penalized any one going beyond the agreed time frame, in the boom times it was always difficult working to tight schedules as all the manufacturers were working to full capacity and could barely keep up with the demand, we decided to manufacture steel profiled roofing sheets and cladding materials mainly because we were having problems with delivery from the all manufacturers, delivery times were around 6 weeks in some cases ,which was frustrating and not practical, about 20 years ago we decided to purchase the machinery to make our own roofing and cladding materials, this was an excellent move as it helped us keep within all our contract time schedules and also grow into one of the north`s biggest steel roofing & cladding manufacturers, around 12 years ago we began to manufacture zed purlins and zed rails again this was to cut out any problems with delivery of materials for our own works, we have since expanded the structural steel sections and we now produce galvanised steel zed purlins, zed rails, cee purlins, cee rails, eaves beams, sag bars, zed purlin struts and tie wires for cee and zed purlins, we have a nationwide delivery service for all our steel roofing sheets, cladding structural zed purlins please ring 0191 2672900 for more information.